Under the Red Star Screening for Labor Educators

 The Canadian Labour International Film Festival is hosting a screening of Dr. Ron Harpelle's Under the Red Star, a docu-drama about labour at the Lakehead, at the United Association for Labor Education  annual conference in Toronto from April 17-20. This conference attracts delegates from across North America and around the world to discuss labour education. The UALE was formed by a merger between the Workers' Education Local 189 and the University and College Labour Education Association. The UALE works to promote education as an essential tool in the process of union transformation, to develop new leadership, and to strengthen the field of labour education in order the meet the ever-changing needs of unions and workers. The screening is on Thursday April 18 at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto. For more information about the event visit the Arts at UALE page of the conference website.

Dr. Ronald Harpelle

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