New Book on Finnish North Americans

Labouring Finns: Transnational Politics in Finland, Canada, and the United States is co-edited by Drs Michel S. Beaulieu and Ronald N. Harpelle and history graduate student Jaimi Penney.

The book, published by the Institute of Migration in Turku, Finland, examines the role labouring Finnish men and women played in shaping the political and social culture of their communities. As the contributors to this volume demonstrate, Finnish workers in Finland and North America contributed significantly to the development of socialism in the political arenas in which they found themselves. In North America, the influence of Finns in the political process added an ethnic dimension to the ever-changing nature and character of socialism. Labouring Finns is a book about the role Finns played in interclass struggles at home and abroad.  CLICK HERE for more information on Labouring Finns.

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