New International Development Teaching Tool Launched

 A Question of Development is a new tool created by Ron Harpelle for the study of international development. This a series of short videos dealing with various topics related to international development. The videos are hosted on Vimeo where Dr. Harpelle has created a channel called "A Question of Development." The videos were produced out of the outtakes for Citizens of the World, a six-part documentary series about research for development, and they are available in French and English. Students in Dr. Harpelle’s course "International Development in Historical Perspective," (History 3710) are required to watch these short videos and discuss the ideas presented in them. The videos contain opinions and ideas expressed by people ranging from farmers in the developing world to leading practitioners of international development. The videos cover many topics and are in random order so that viewers discover the themes and information in a random fashion. This makes for an individual and non-linear experience. The general public can view the videos to gain insight into some of the challenges faced by the world’s poor. Additional materials will be added to the website in coming weeks. This new teaching tool compliments Dr. Harpelle's work on the history of IDRC and is a companion to his publications on the subject. To view the videos visit Dr. Harpelle’s Viemo Channel by clicking here.

Dr. Ronald Harpelle

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