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New International Development Teaching Tool Launched
Ron Harpelle has created a teaching tool called "A Question of Development" for his course on the history of international development and it is open to the public. [Read more] November 14, 2011


Two Films in the Northern Character Film Festival in Murmansk
Two of Dr. Harpelle's recent films will play at the Northern Character Film Festival in Murmansk, Russia. In Security and Under the Red Star will appear in this year's festival which runs from November 14-17. This is the fourth year of the festival and it attracts filmmakers, television producers and journalists from across the circum-polar world. [Read more] October 10, 2011


Under the Red Star to Screen at Bay Street Film Festival
Dr. Ron Harpelle (producer) and Kelly Saxberg (director) will screen Under the Red Star at the 7th Annual Bay Street Film Festival on Thursday, September 29, at 7 p.m. This is a special community screening of a docu-drama about Finnish immigration and settlement at the Lakehead. [Read more] September 06, 2011


New Volume of the Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers
Duke University Press has just released The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers: The Caribbean Diaspora, 1910-1920, Vol. XI, edited by Robert Hill. Dr. Ronald N. Harpelle was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for this volume in the series and he contributed historical summaries and annotations for documents dealing with Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama and the Canal Zone. This volume is significant because it sheds light on a little known chapter in Marcus Garvey’s life and it outlines the rise of the UNIA in the Circum-Caribbean region. Dr. Harpelle is the author of The West Indians of Costa Rica: Race, Class and Integration of an Ethnic Minority. [Read more] July 19, 2011
New Book on International Development
Ronald Harpelle’s latest book on international development. Long-Term Solutions for a Short-Term World: Canada and Research for Development, edited by Dr. Ronald Harpelle and Dr. Bruce Muirhead, has been released by Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Long-Term Solutions demonstrates the complexity of the challenges that poor countries face and introduces the readers to the concept and impact of participatory research for development. [Read more] July 14, 2011


Centre for Northern Studies Researchers Receive $2.5 Million in Funding for Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic
Centre for Northern Studies Researchers, Dr. Chris Southcott (PI), along with co-investigators, Michel Beaulieu, Harvey Lemelin, Martha Dowsley, Peggy Smith, Paul Berger and Ron Harpelle are among a large group of researchers who will benefit from a 2.5 million dollar SSHRC MCRI grant. [Read more] February 25, 2011
Food Security Film Premiere a success
The Food Security Research Network premiere of "Northern Grown: How Thunder Bay is Feeding Itself" was seen by a large crowd on February 16. The film is co-produced by Ron Harpelle and Connie Nelson of the Food Security Research Network. [Read more] February 18, 2011
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