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Interview Featured in Le Devoir
Ronald Harpelle, spoke to Le Devoir about IDRC’s beginnings and its links to Lester B. Pearson’s internationalism. [Read more] November 04, 2006


Work Highlighted in University Annual Report
"Two Lakehead historians, Dr. Ronald Harpelle and Dr. Bruce Muirhead, receive funding and special access to examine the historical role of the International Development Research Centre, Canada’s international development agency." [Read more] October 30, 2006


Named one of 40 Northern Research Stars
Dr. Ron Harpelle and Dr. Bruce Muirhead were singled out as two of 40 past and present faculty members whose consistent and significant research excellence and productivity achieved has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. [Read more] March 30, 2006
International Speakers Gather to Discuss How the World is Being Reshaped
On March 24 and 25, people from around the world will be gathering in Thunder Bay to share their knowledge and ideas on how the world is being reshaped by technological, economic, and social forces, and how people around the world are responding. [Read more] March 17, 2006
Selected For Major IDRC Project
Professors Ron Harpelle and Bruce Muirhead of the Department of History have been selected to write an intellectual history of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The IDRC is one of the world’s leading institutions in the generation and application of new knowledge to meet the challenges of international development. The IDRC was created to assist developing countries in finding long-term solutions to social, economic and environmental problems. [Read more] March 02, 2006


Conference on Old Economy Regions in the New Economy
The "new economy" is rapidly transforming the world in which we live. The radical shifts from industrial to post-industrial, service, and knowledge-based economic activities, and the changing role of the state in terms of social support and regulation of the economy has fundamentally altered spatial relationships on both a global and national scale. [Read more] February 09, 2006
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